The Arbiter (formerly Thel 'Vadam) is an honorable space samurai alien and Proud Warrior Race Guy, who is initially duped by some of the series villains (the Hierarchs) and then rebels and joins our Hero Master Chief, taking most of his race with him, when he discovers the truth about the Halo rings and the Flood. Now he heads the pro-human faction for his race, which sucks because he's a soldier, dammit, not a diplomat, and he hates the idea of having to TALK POLITELY to people who are insulting. He and Master Chief are kind of bros now, since you can become bros with your mortal enemy pretty easily when faced with horrible flesh mutating space zombie parasites and the threat of all life in the galaxy getting erased. He arrived in-game on date and currently lives in one of the wilderness zones like a crazy samurai hermit, sitting around drinking tea and killing wild beasts with his bare hands.

age: unknown, adult by the standards of his race.

origins: Halo 3, au including CR from Atia Amat Omnes

app link:


played by: Brig

contact: AIM: brigantinefranke | email:


ZOMBIES AND ALIENS IN SPAAAACE. Then he got sent to Sex Island.

In regards to Arbiter's time in Amat, the premise there was a magical island ruled by a not so benevolent goddess who captured people from various places/times/canons, brought them to her island, put a magic irremovable collar on them and forced them to have sex for her entertainment. The collars would tighten over the course of two weeks and kill the character if they didn't comply with the rules and have sex with someone. Arbiter was given a human body that he was forced to adapt to, and put in close proximity with several SPARTANs, UNSCDF AIs, Freelancer Agents, and simulation soldiers, some of whom distrusted him, some of whom accepted him as an ally.



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