Your name is Jade Harley. On this, the 13th day of April, 2011, you arrived in Singularity (though you don't see what's so special; you've been stuck on April 13th for two years now). You have a variety of interests, most too numerous to speak of right now. You'll have to settle with saying that you love nuclear physics, gadgetry, and any sort of Anthropomorphic Fauna. And you tend to talk rather cheerfully and stay positive in most situations!

Canon: Homestuck

Age: 13

Journal: memorymodus

Application: Here

Text Permissions: Here

Jade is played by a very silly girl who goes by the name of Man-D. She can be found on LiveJournal, as well as contacted in various other ways, such as AIM ( live the kind ) and MSN ( ninja_zila [at] ). She is a collector of hats with ears and drinks chocolate milk regularly.

And one day, when she isn't lazy, she will update this page again so that it looks beautiful.

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