Laura Kinney is a genetic clone of Wolverine created to be the perfect weapon from the United States of America on a world much like our own real world.

age: 16

origins: Marvel Comics

app link: Here

hmd: HMD

played by: Meghann

contact: tempes mediocris (AIM) or neonpandemic [at] hotmail [dot] com


The Marvel world is actually very similar in structure to our world, in fact it even has the same president we do and often the same real life situations happen in their world that happen in ours. The major difference between our real world and the Marvel world is the inclusion of superheros. The Marvel universe is populated by mutants and various other super-powered people, such as gods, magic users, genetic experiments, and aliens.

In the Marvel universe “mutants” are considered another step in evolution, they're humans with the X-Gene, a gene that grants them powers beyond that of a normal person. These mutants face persecution from normal humans because humans fear them, which is the main problem the X-Men face: racism and a world that doesn't want them to exist.

There are however humans that want to use mutants to their own advantage, people who think that mutants would make the perfect weapons if they could control them. Weapon X is an organization founded and run by people like that. Weapon X is a secret US government run project that's sole purpose is to use mutants to create weapons for the US government. One of their first successful weapons was the mutant known as Wolverine. Unfortunately Wolverine escaped from their clutches and they were unable to re-capture him.

Years later the Facility open with the goal of creating a clone of Wolverine. Laura, aka X-23, is that clone. She was cloned from DNA left by the original Weapon X Project (Wolverine) and shaped from birth to be the perfect assassin for the hire.

An insanely detailed history of her can be found here!


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