Franklin is a Freelancer from the 24th century. He arrived in-game on 07/17/11 and currently lives in [tba].

age: 25

origins: Red vs. Blue [AU]

app link: here.


played by: ash

contact: AIM: bronaparte



Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

Character RelationshipsEdit

Agent Washington (OU): A Freelancer from a reality parallel to Iowa's own. Despite their completely opposite personalities, Iowa considers Wash to be, at the very least, a comrade and someone he can go to for very specific problems. They're not without their bickering, however, but Iowa holds a high level of respect for him regardless. He's slowly learning how to deal with his AI withdrawal with the help of Wash, with a few hiccups and conflicts of interest in between.

PFC Dick Simmons (OU): A simulation trooper affilated with the Red Army in Blood Gulch. Iowa initially had no intention of becoming close or attached to anyone in Blood Gulch, but well. Let's just say he has a thing for nerds. Iowa would give his life to protect Simmons.

PVT Dexter Grif (OU): A simulation trooper affliated with the Red Army in Blood Gulch. Much like Simmons, Iowa didn't plan on getting friendly with his teammates initially, but Grif kinda grows on you. Or at least he grew on Iowa. And just like Simmons, Iowa would protect Grif with his life.

Alejandro Borges (OU): An engineer. What started off as a rough acquaintence, Iowa and Alejandro quickly became close. Really close. Iowa considers Alejandro to be one of his best friends, even if they have only known each other for a few months.

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