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Until wikia stops being a douche

Medic is a slightly off-kilter mercenary doctor with dubious credentials.

age: 46

origins: Team Fortress 2

app link: here

hmd: here

played by: Xander

contact: AIM - derglitzkrieg


The world is locked in a never ending battle between RED and BLU - two companies owned by brothers that have never gotten along. The brothers are still alive thanks to machines built by the BLU Engineer's grandfather. No one knows the way respawning works, just that once you're dead, you find yourself alive again in somewhere between 3-20 seconds. There are nine classes, each with their own abilities and inconsistencies: Medics are able to regenerate health, Spies can take on the appearance of anyone they choose and fake their own death, Heavies can lift things they really shouldn't be able to, Engineers build deathtraps, Demomen fight like they have two eyes (yes, that counts as superhuman), Soldiers manage to rocket jump and only blow themselves up on occasion, Snipers use jar-based karate, Scouts are too fast for their own good and consume irradiated energy drinks, and Pyros burn things (nothing special needed here).


Let's make this nice and concise: Medic is nuts, but usually okay about hiding it; he's not a people person; he has no patience for stupid people; he yells a lot; he's irritable; he likes experimenting on things.

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

Abilities: Somehow regenerates health from 1-7 per second, depending on his equipment

Character RelationshipsEdit

Possibly an annual update.

How Every Medic Player Feels:Edit



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