This is the current taken list for Singularity. New characters, please use this template and add yourself under your canon heading. If you are the first character from a canon, please make a heading for it.

Series are arranged alphabetically. For NPCs, see the NPCs page.


Haseo - canon

2001: A Space OdysseyEdit

HAL 9000 - canon

Aliens vs. PredatorsEdit

Grid - AU

PFC Jenette Vasquez - canon

Avatar: The Last AirbenderEdit

Azula - AU

Zuko - canon

Sokka- AU


Eleanor Lamb - canon

Broken SaintsEdit

Raimi Matthews - canon

Captain America: the First Avenger (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Edit

James "Bucky" Barnes - canon

Peggy Carter - canon

Steve Rogers - canon

Dead SpaceEdit

Michael Altman - canon

Isaac Clarke - canon

Alejandro Borges - canon

Karrie Norton (Vandal) - canon

Doctor WhoEdit

The TARDIS - canon

Dragon AgeEdit

Fenris - canon

Marian Hawke - AU

Dresden CodakEdit

Kimiko Ross - AU

DC UniverseEdit

Jaime Reyes - canon

Fallout: New VegasEdit

Yes Man - canon


Olivia Dunham - canon


686 Ebullient Prism - canon

Black-One - canon

Catherine-B320 - canon

Emile-A239 - AU

Thom-293 - canon

Private O'Brien - canon

The Rookie - AU


Aradia Megido - canon

Becquerel - canon

Bro Strider - canon

Davesprite - canon

Dave Strider - canon

Dave Strider - AU

Equius Zahhak - canon

Eridan Ampora - canon

Gamzee Makara - canon

Gamzee Makara - AU

Jack Noir - AU

Jade Harley - canon

Jadesprite - canon

John Egbert - canon

Kanaya Maryam - canon

Karkat Vantas - canon

Karkat Vantas - AU

Peregrine Mendicant - CR AU (A Facility)

Nepeta Leijon - canon

Sollux Captor - canon

Terezi Pyrope - canon

Terezi Pyrope - CR AU (A Facility)

Vriska Serket - canon

How to Train Your DragonEdit

Astrid Hofferson - canon

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third - canon

The Hunger GamesEdit

Foxface - canon

I Have No Mouth And I Must ScreamEdit

AM - canon

The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Edit

Bruce Banner - canon

Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Edit

Anthony "Tony" Stark - canon

Virginia "Pepper" Potts - canon

Natasha Romanoff - canon

Kiki's Delivery ServiceEdit

Jiji - canon


Parker - canon

Majin Tantei Nougami NeuroEdit

Yako Katsuragi - canon

Marvel ComicsEdit

Wade Wilson - canon

Mass EffectEdit

EDI - canon

Garrus Vakarian - canon

Commander Jane Shepard (Renegade) - AU

Kaidan Alenko- canon

Kal'Reegar - canon

Mordin Solus - canon

Thane Krios - canon

Zaeed Massani - canon

Jeff 'Joker' Moreau - canon

Urdnot Wrex - canon

Commander John Shepard (Paragon) - AU

Ashley Williams - canon

Mega Man XEdit

X - canon


Samus Aran - canon

Meta-Ridley - AU


Nathan Young - canon

My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicEdit

Pinkie Pie


Georgia Mason - canon

Shaun Mason - canon

Buffy Meissonier - canon

October DayeEdit

May Daye - canon

Toby Daye - canon

Original CharactersEdit


Alex Wilson



Jin Tian

Maria McFlannery



Chell - canon

P-Body - canon

Wheatley - canon

Chell - AU

Doug Rattmann - canon


Joe - canon

Protoman - canon

Megaman - canon

Dr. Thomas Light - canon


Alex Mercer - canon

Captain Robert Cross - canon

Puella Magi Madoka MagicaEdit

Kyubey - canon

Red vs BlueEdit

Intelligence Program Delta - AU

Freelancer Agent York - AU

Agent Washington and Epsilon - AU

Agent Washington - canon

PVT Franklin Donut (Agent Iowa) - AU

PFC Dick Simmons - canon

Kaikaina "Sister" Grif - canon

PVT (MJPNFC) Dexter Grif - canon

The Director - canon

The Counselor - canon

PVT Leonard Church (Alpha) - canon


Siegfried - canon

Saint SeiyaEdit

Kiki - canon

Samurai JackEdit

Jack - canon

Serenity RoseEdit

Serenity Rose - canon


Lina Inverse - canon

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic the Hedgehog - canon

Classic Sonic - canon AU

Miles "Tails" Prower - CR AU (Dramadramaduck)

Metal Sonic - canon

Silver the Hedgehog - canon

Shadow the Hedgehog - canon

Southern Vampire MysteriesEdit

Sookie Stackhouse - canon

Star WarsEdit

HK-47 - canon

System ShockEdit

SHODAN - canon


Rapunzel - canon

Team Fortress 2Edit

RED Scout - canon


Sarah Connor - canon

Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Edit

Clint Barton - canon

Phil Coulson - canon

Thor Odinson - canon


Garrett - canon


Lucy Tracy - canon


Barricade (Bayverse) - CR AU (Axiom Nexus)

Knock Out - canon

Nemesis Prime - Alternity

Ratchet (Bayverse) - canon

Shockwave (G1 Dreamwave) - CR AU (Cape & Cowl)

Skyfire - CR AU (Cape & Cowl)

Treasure PlanetEdit

Jim Hawkins - CR AU (MS Elegante)


Alan Bradley - canon

Anon - AU


Ed Dillinger Jr. - canon

Gem - AU

Gibson - canon

Jalen ❝Abraxas❞ - canon

Jalen - AU

Kevin Flynn - canon

Tron - canon

True BloodEdit

Eric Northman - canon

Godric - AU

Sam Merlotte - canon

Ultimate MarvelEdit

Pietro Lehnsherr - canon


Dug - canon

X-Men: EvolutionEdit

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner - canon

X-Men: First ClassEdit

Armando "Darwin" Muñoz - canon

Charles Xavier - canon

Erik Lehnsherr - canon


Logan - canon

Yume NikkiEdit

Poniko - canon

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