Tavros Nitram is a troll (an alien species) from the planet Alternia, in an alternate universe. They arrived in-game on I'll insert the date here when he actually shows up and is currently homeless.

age: 13

origins: Homestuck, canon

app link: Here!

hmd: This-a-way!

played by: Auria

contact: auriatetsukai;

I will fill in the rest in a moment, bluh.


[hide]*1 Setting

  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Abilities & Weaknesses
  • 4 Character Relationships
  • 5 Free Space
  • 6 See Also


Use this space to write about your character's homeworld! This is very similar to what we ask on the application. In fact, you can even C&P the material from your app.

This section should provide an easy breakdown of your character's canon for those unfamiliar with your series. Outside links are encouraged!


Use this space to write about your character's personality and personal background. This can be the same as what you wrote on the app or expanded from there. You are also encouraged to note how your character has changed since entering the game.

Abilities & WeaknessesEditEdit

Use this area to write about your character's abilities and weaknesses. Any format is acceptable.

Character RelationshipsEditEdit

Singularity now uses character profiles to replace the previously-mandatory CR charts! Use this section to list your character's relationships and interactions with other characters. You can format however you want. Try to keep this section as up-to-date as possible.

Free SpaceEditEdit

Embed video? Quote song lyrics? Trivia section? Whatever!

See AlsoEditEdit

Internal and external links of interest. Examples include your character's house page, events they partook in, important canonmates, outside resources for more details on your character, and so on.

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