Tex Squared-1-1

Tex (Freelancer Agent Texas, Allison Church) is a tough as nails ex-military turned mercenary girl. She likes money and drinking and is quite good at killing people, and doesn't like AI. This is a problem because it turns out she actually is an AI herself, a "memory" of a real woman who had died, and the scientist leader of that military organization she used to work for created her and some other unfortunates in an illegal experiment and gave her fake memories to make her think that she'd been human all along.

She's not happy about this.

age: mid to late twenties physically. As an AI she's probably only a few years old.

origins: Red vs Blue, au including CR from Atia Amat Omnes

app link:


played by: Brig

contact: AIM: brigantinefranke | email:


It's the future. There used to be a war against aliens, but now it's over.


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