Reach 15659311 Full

Name: The Meta/Agent Maine

Canon: Red Vs. Blue

Canon Point: End of Recollection seires

AU Aspect: This Meta is and has always been a woman. During Project Freelancer, when she was still wholly Agent Maine, she was a large and powerful agent, but suffered confidence and self-esteem issues, putting emphasis on raw power and influence in order to compensate. When she was implaneted with Sigma, it didn't take him long to convince her what a fantastic idea it would be to take other Freelancer's enhancements, as well as their AI units. Sigma, of course, had his own ulterior motives in this, as he attempted to recreate the Alpha, and as more AI were gathered, the easier it was to break and subdue Maine, feeding her doubts and making her wholly dependant on them. After the final events of Reconstruction, when Washington had successfully wiped the AI from her system (and the rest of Freelancer Command), she found herself adrift and needing that

played by: Krakatau

contact: AIM: EleiShar

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