Original designation: [ classified ] Endymion

Alias: Twosix-six, Tiberius

Age: [ unknown ]

Classification: bioroid

Twosix-six is a bionic android designed to resemble a humanoid male in his early twenties. Distinctive features include LED bright blue eyes, highly visible patches of exposed, gold colored circuitry, and a tendency to apologize for everything. Claims to be another rift refugee from many years ago who had fallen in company with the Resistance on Asphodel's surface, despite their typical intolerance of synthetics. One of the few (if not the only) high functioning synthetics within the Resistance, he was subject to their laws about "independent" synthetics and the danger they pose, and was allowed to stay on the surface only after being fitted with a restraining bolt to limit his abilities and agreeing to become Lev's personal property. His relationship with both Lev and Hypatia is complicated, caught squarely between them and stating that his only interest is in protecting the lives of all sentients, both organic and non-organic.

Immediately prior to Lev's disappearance, Twosix-six relocated to the station against the wishes of the Resistance and was able to persuade Commander Shepard and Tucker to remove his restraining bolt, and has since remained on Sacrosanct in apparent exile.

He seems sad and vaguely regretful about this, but he seems sad and vaguely regretful about everything.

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